ReLeaf T-Shirt




To commemorate Forest ReLeaf’s new mural by St. Louis based artist Jayvn Solomon, pick up this new t-shirt! All proceeds directly support Forest ReLeaf’s mission of planting trees and enriching communities.

From the artist:

This piece, titled “RELEAF”, represents the deep-rooted imprint trees have on our lives and the role we play in cultivating a healthy life cycle for us, as well as nature . The letters of “RELEAF” morph into illustrations of swirling tree roots and tree trunks, demonstrating how interconnected everything is in our ecosystem. The larger image of linework even resembles a fingerprint, reinforcing the distinct way in which trees touch and leave a mark on our lives. Like fingerprints, each of us has specifically a good, unique experience and/or relationship with trees. Aligning with Forest Releaf’s mission, the intent of this mural is to inspire those who are willing to turn those unique experiences into life-generating action for trees — a win-win for all of us!

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